EF Web UI Kit

Lightweight HTML/CSS and React implementations of EF GUD 4.0 components, built by EF's Global Creative team to facilitate fast development of GUD-compliant web applications.

Web UI consists of a core HTML/CSS package and a package of React components written in Typescript. Both are available via EF's private npm repo at under the @ef-gc/ scope.

Why use it?

The idea of the Web UI Kit packages is to implement the UI Design Kit Sketch library used by designers across the organisation, and help ensure visual consistency between designs and final output.

The Web UI kits are only concerned with core functionality, they should be extended to incorporate your product's brand expression and business needs.

In this documentation

This documentation is for the Web UI and Web UI React libraries. When components are available in both libraries you can use the tab navigation at the top of each page to switch between views.

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